A number of CRCNA Telehealth Project resources have been developed through the project and these are now available here.  We are always keen to improve the quality and the availability of products, so if you have any feedback or suggestions we would be pleased to hear from you. The material below is also available in editable format upon request.

How to use the Jabra Microphone and Speaker (Instructions for installing and using the Jabra 710 Speaker).

How to use the Logitech camera (Instructions for installing and using the Logitech PTZ Pro camera).

How to make a Zoom call (Instructions for using Zoom (driven by invitation from clinicians) including management of voice and video controls).

How to do an Ookla speed test to test your internet service.

Telehealth flow chart.

Internet (Sky Muster Plus) basic trouble shooting guide.

Guidelines for clinicians

Telehealth training links

How to access services through Telehealth for the Bush Trial

What can you do if your Telecommunications Provider does not resolve your fault? (under development)

Additionally, we have provided links to some of our project partners resources you may find useful.

nbn™ video conferencing connectivity guide

nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite services connectivity guide

Regional Tech Hub Videoconferencing tips

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network Consumer Resources



Other Telehealth Training and Education Links

Australian Telehealth Society – Telehealth Guidelines

University of Queensland Centre for Online Health – Quick guides to Telehealth

University of Queensland Centre for Online Health – Key MBS Statistics activity-australia

Australian Primary Healthcare Nurses Association – Telehealth for COVID-19

Australian Digital Health Agency – Telehealth Program

Australian Digital Health Agency – Digital Health Resources

Royal Australian College of General Practice – Telehealth Resources

Australian Department of Health – COVID Telehealth items guide guide

Australian Department of Health – Prescriptions via Telehealth territory-rules

Charles Darwin University – Short Course

Charles Sturt University – Three Rivers University Department of Rural Medicine Telehealth Resources

American Psychological Association – Telehealth Education Resources

Rural Health Information Hub – Implementing Telehealth Programs

National Committee for Quality Assurance – Taskforce on Telehealth Policy Education Resources telehealth-policy/educational-resources/

Stroke Foundation – Telehealth Resources

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine – Telehealth Handbook education-module.pdf?sfvrsn=cdc6f18f_2

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine – Telehealth Services in your Practice your-practice-factsheet-final_v3.pdf?sfvrsn=2a5d74a_2

ISfTeH – International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth – Training Program .pdf

Digital Health CRC – Telehealth Hub

NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation – Telehealth Resources

NSW Health Telehealth Services for your Mob Telehealth_Online.pdf

NACCHO Communique – Telehealth


CNBC Television – Is Telemedicine The Future Of Health Care?